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Do it Yourself Landscaping

If you do not have the money to hire a landscape designer it doesn’t mean that your dreams of getting a beautiful garden is over. Yes there is a lot to learn about landscaping, but there are easy steps and tips that you can use so you can do it on your own. There are of DIY books and articles you can read to get enough information for you to build your own dream garden.


When you are working in your garden, it will be important to have  a strong edging in between your lawn and garden. You can use any material from a cheap plastic to a strong titanium steel bar. The importance of the separation is you know the limitations of the garden and lawn. It will be hard to work on it if it looks like a single unit. You would want people to be able to compliment your lawn and garden separately.

Consistent hydration for your grass and plants is very important, the lack of water inside them will lead to them turning brown and eventually dying. If you do not have time to water plants on a consistent basis, then you can invest in what they call an irrigation system. This can be easily fabricated by engineers. This a timed machine that automatically sprays the plants with a sufficient amount of water daily.

You can try and purchasing “Mulch”, this product is mainly for maintaining the health of your soil by acting as a layer of protective shield from harmful stimuli. But naturally it can give an upgrade aesthetically with its dark color. The darkness will help the green grass and multi colored plants stand out more and people will notice it a lot faster.

You must learn how to distinguish good soil from the low quality kind of soil. Soil is one of the huge factors of having a healthy looking garden. You need soil that will allow the roots of the plant to penetrate deep inside the ground and grow. If the soil is too tough then penetration won’t be possible and the plant won’t grow as well.

Even with landscaping, a simple and beautiful design is being simply organized. Try grouping things according to their type, for example group all the cacti together, group all the sunflowers together. This simple design will make it easier for you to maintain the plants and check if there are any issues that are occurring. It will also be help to add different types of plants to add more color and volume. It can be painful in the eyes to see only green grass in your lawn, add some flavor to it.

These are just general tips on how to create a nice looking and healthy lawn. There is much more to it than the description that are attached to the terms. It will be best to do more research and experiment on different things until you get the hang of it. It is also good to be curious and ask around for helpful tips that you can use on your own lawn.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscape Designer

If you are looking for a simple look for you garden, then there won’t be a need to hire a professional. There are a lot of generic looks that you can choose from the internet and in the market there are simple plants and trees that you can purchase. It will also be convenient and cheaper if you do it yourself. It will be an easy and simple process that can be done in only a week or two.


But if you are serious and have big plans for your backyard, you may need all the help you can get. Going all out for your landscape designs can be a complex process and every little details is put into consideration. Hiring a professional designer can help with all the details, styles, budget, and a lot more. You will be getting the full package and your money’s worth by hiring a professional do your landscaping.

Remember that you and the landscape designer are partners, the both of you will brain storm together, plan together, and make decisions together. It isn’t like the amateurs that simply recommend and you just decide what you like the most. There is an added factor with this partnership and that factor is called relationships. It will be best to partner with a designer that you respect, be frank, and be transparent with.

One of the great services a designer can give you is the creation of the master landscape plan that only trained professionals can make. It composes of the following:

  • Landscape budget: you will have a rough estimate of how much you will have to shell out.
  •  Property usage: it basically shows how much land your new garden setup will take up.  You can then adjust accordingly if you feel there is more space to work or the space is too tight
  •  Maintenance Needs: This is just to prepare you for the final product, you will be given a list of tools and products that you will need to maintain the quality of your space. It will be best to prepared beforehand so you won’t scramble for the things you need.

A good thing with professional landscape design, is that they are able to incorporate a design with your existing home. Everything will seem continuous, natural, and free flowing, which is something that a lot of people would like to achieve. This can be achieved by knowing the different styles and kinds of plants, grass, and decoratives for your backyard. This is something that a professional was trained for, and you can trust that they will deliver a powerful product.

You will partner up with a professional designer all-year round, this will be split into 3 stages. Brainstorming phase, execution, and maintenance. Even after the final product is complete, they will still be around educating you on how to properly maintain your lawn. They will also inspect the whole backyard to see if any adjustments will be made.

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How To Do Proper Costing For Your Landscaping

For anything you do whether it be business, household expenses, or for renovation, it is very important that you do your budgeting well. Schaumburg landscaping quotes help with forecasting your money, it will answer the important questions whether you will be able to survive with an extra set of expenses. It is important to you be as detailed as you can with the budget and to be realistic with yourself as well.


A good thing about doing your budget is you can make adjustments so you can attain what you want. It will be good to try and overshoot all your costs, meaning put in your list the materials of the highest quality. From here you can gauge where you are financially and if you can afford living with high quality materials.

When you do your budgeting for landscaping, it is best to make an inventory list of what you have. This way you can save a lot of money from buying less tools, plants, and products for the garden. A lot of people have a bad habit of not going over their house to see what they have. You will be surprised that you have a good foundation of plants in your garden, or you have lawn mower that just needs a fine tune-up to get it running again. Always try to find ways to not spend more, treat as a game or a challenge so you can have fun at the same time.

If you are bad with numbers and you aren’t aware of the realistic price and costs you need to build a garden, then hire a professional who can give you detailed information and where you stand financially. These people will be able to give proper breakdowns of the total cost, and they can find ways on how to lower it drastically. They also know what areas of the garden you should spend for, and the things you shouldn’t worry about.

Try to invest on the things that you will use the most rather on the useless things. When it comes to usage of money, sometimes you have to pick function over aesthetics so that you can feel that you are getting your money’s worth. For example you can invest in a BBQ pit, you can go all out and make it look nice and fancy because you enjoy cooking and you want to throw a lot of parties.

Take costing and budgets seriously, because you are spending a lot of money that is coming straight from your pocket. You should be highly involved when it comes to money matter, so you know exactly where your money will go in the project. Remember that you are the boss and that you can try to request for changes in the cost that will be suitable for your budget. The goal is to try and the total cost as low as possible.

Remember that budgeting is one of the important steps that come with the planning phase, and that it will be used throughout the whole process of construction. Make sure that you know your budget well to avoid any scams.

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